Festival Season

As soon as warm weather starts to peek around the corner, festivals pop up everywhere and anywhere. I’m talking music festivals, art festivals, and any other festival (I’m sure you’re all familiar). The Cherry Blossom festival is no exception to the new-found liveliness we all feel as soon as 40 turns to 65.

As members of Brooklyn Botanic Garden, my boyfriend and I enjoy extra perks at this friendly city establishment (including free admission, cha-ching).

This is a plea for you all to support your local non-profits and businesses. We all need these beautiful things in our lives. The cherry blossom festival is a perfect spark to the fire that is festival season, and summertime. Get out there and smell the roses, boys.


Hey, also, the Brooklyn Botanic garden features many festivals throughout the year. I totally siked you out and made you think this was the only one, but that’s a lie. If yu get a chace to go, go. You can also get married here! So if you’re thinking about it….it’s an option and all that jazzerooni.







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